Wills and Trusts

Having a complete and up-to-date will ensures your own peace of mind, as well as that of your family members. Dying without a will, or dying "intestate," can have many unintended consequences for your family and dependents. In your will you can arrange your affairs to suit your own wishes and the needs of your family, and avoid any later legal and administrative costs in the settling of your estate.

It is essential to have a will, but powers of attorney for your property and healthcare needs while you are still alive but unable to make decisions for yourself are just as important. If you are leaving the country, you may wish to leave someone in charge of your property and other assets, or you may simply wish to be prepared in case of an accident or other unforeseen circumstances.

Ms. Woods has worked with many clients to draft wills and powers of attorney to their specifications. When you book an appointment with our office, you can download a package from our website which asks pertinent questions about your family members and estate. Cynthia will meet with you to go over this information with you and take instructions in order to draft your documents to suit your needs.

Ms. Woods will address any special requirements of your estate which is particularly helpful when special assets, disabled dependents, and complicated family situations are involved. This advice is very valuable, and depending on your situation may take extra time and expertise.